The Value System

We acquire what we need by satisfying the needs of others.

The shoemaker cannot eat shoes. He exchanges his products through the medium of money for the food and other goods and services he requires. We are connected to others by a universal market in which we offer value in return for value. As a mass of people we are a market. At the same time we are separate and very different individuals, living personally and thus subjectively. It is not equal or abstract values that are exchanged. The shoemaker sells his shoes and is given £50 in exchange only because he places a higher value on the £50 than on that pair of shoes. His client contrariwise values the shoes above the £50 that he gives. Two different subjective valuations are required in every exchange.

In every exchange needs are satisfied. We satisfy our own needs usually only by offering value (satisfaction of needs) to someone else. Anyone who wants to be successful in life needs to understand this. Our goals and plans can only be justified by their function in delivering value. We thrive by enabling others to thrive.

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