Situation Analysis

Having completed a first sketch of one’s Situation Analysis it is time to review the experience and improve one’s skill. The point of the Situation Analysis is to arrive at goals that are sharply defined and clearly point to a desired improvement in the situation. If we were concerned with securing an enhanced income for example, we should be able to state what that increase would need to be, and when it would need to be achieved. We need concrete and worthwhile goals. In order to summon our inner resources and keep us on track we need to be able to anticipate a great advantage.

A danger in making our plus and minus entries is that we may stop at mere headings or keywords. These are good as placeholders for goals but they must be fully unfolded to make success possible. These goals form the starting points and impetus for the next stage, the Plan of Means and Measures. Chaos, drift and failure await us if we cannot develop clear goals.

The Situation Analysis requires a full consideration of all the possibilities in reaching the plus condition. This means considering different and even contradictory alternatives so that a choice can be made of the most promising or most likely.

What you need to do now

Revisit your Situation Analysis as many times as is necessary, each time working only as long as ideas flow. You may probably find that technical questions may need to be answered, and information sought. You cannot allow yourself to move forward in acquiring the Method until you feel justified in saying: I can now see clearly the problem I face in my current situation.

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