The goals that emerge from a thorough Situation Analysis are not mere idle wishes and dreams but reveal your personal needs. If at this stage they do not strike a chord and motivate you, you have probably failed to really identify the problems in your situation. You may have allowed your thought to run on conventional lines. Your task is to free yourself from outside influences, and to choose authentic personal goals.

To plan for success is to think and feel as an independent actor. Your goals are your own. Otherwise your successes will be failures.

This is not merely a technicality. We are motivated by our goals. We are need-driven. We place ourselves in their service. We will take pains, invest time and effort, and make sacrifices to pursue them. Goals are the inner motivators.

Smart Goals?

Our goals must be as precise as possible. But before we reach that stage we will have to gradually refine them. These are then real goals that correspond to the real necessities of our situation. This is what makes them our goals. We must avoid shortcuts to so-called SMART goals which have been given false precision and false deadlines by plucking figures from the air.

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